Course Reflection-Final Project

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General Course Experiences
B) Taking IDC was a really fun and slightly boring course. If there was something interesting or something important to do, I would put my work to it to complete the given task. However there were times where I did not fully do my work truth be told. After my time in IDC, I have developed more presentation skills. Both in the software/tool uses and in an actual presentation environment. I learnt how to use presentation creation software like Prezi and Google Docs, as well learned how to use presenting software like Jing. These software that I have learnt in this course are very appealing and simple to use compare to the Microsoft Powerpoint. I feel that using these presentation software will gather more appeal and attention then to use just a slide to slide with crazy transition program.  Practicing using this tool does not entirely mean I have to just make the presentation and then sit back to relax. I also improved myself when I do give the actual presentation vocally and it seems that I can focus more when presenting. I had also built confidence to actual give a straightforward and more simplistic presentation so that I always have the ability to get straight to the point. I have also improved teamwork and cooperation, helping me communicate more with fellow classmates when it is ever needed. As well built self confidence to actually do a presentation at unknown environment. I believe once I step out of this course, I have fully develop my presentation skill which is very vital in the working world and future classes which requires me to create tutorials, workshops, seminars, and research presentation.

Areas for Improvement
D) Looking back at the start of the class, the purpose of IDC was merely a course where we the students have to try and find ways to implicate technology into education. Because the world relies so much in technology, the next big step was to find ways and method to use the future products and somehow find ways to make it into our school life. This year, we set up netbooks and made them usable to any class who requests for it. It is a cool piece of technology but we somehow actually disregarded the uses of it a lot since the beginning of the semester. They are a cool item to use in a classroom environment, but not all the class who took them really used it to its fullest potential. In reality, the classes that had the netbooks must have treated them like any other computer lab. I think that sort of idea is fine with me. The only reason I say that is because I have to agree that we have focused all onto Web Tools 2.0. I think we have to continue to expand on that rather than trying to find more uses for any other technology. If students were to use the netbooks to do their work, they would have to rely on using Web Tools to do it anyways. The netbooks are only there to just give access to tools and software. So rather than just to find cooler and more efficient way to use the netbooks, it should be best to just fine new web tools and try and find how we can innovate those tools in classes more.

Technology in Education
A) I find that technology in general is the greatest innovation to be placed in a school environment. Technological tools definitely help improve the education system as well as communication amongst students. We are in the age of technology. Everything almost revolves around people turning on computers to do everyday tasks and  stuff that can only be done through technology. I find that using more technology can increase student participation and understanding, but not to the extent to improve a student’s educational result. We have items like computer, phones, iPad/iPod Touch, smart boards, and other technological software/tools at our disposal that could definitely improve all sort of knowledgeable characteristic. Using the smart board is one good example because students are really interested to try out this cool device which is a simple attention attractor. If you were to open up a smart board to computer connection, there is more simplicity to pull out web contents of what the teacher is trying to teach rather than just reading out of a textbook and writing on the chalkboard. Teachers can freely open up videos and online articles which seems to be more attractive to students. Another good item to use are iPod Touch and phones. Rather than using these items to play games and communicating, you can freely use it as a remote device or an electronic cue card. It definitely improves a student’s confidence when they decide to present something. Rather flipping through  scrap of papers and just leaving them in shambles, all the notes would be well organized and becomes more simple to access. So I have to say that bringing and using technology in education is a great way to improve the educational value of a student.

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Wait Detox? Heck No!

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Focus on One Thing
by: Gary W. Small

“Multitaskers believe they’re getting more done, but instead they’re just getting faster and sloppier.” Gary W. Small brings up a good point. I am a very online multi-taskable person and as much as I agree to how he sees us multitasker. I do online roleplay which is basically online drama performances but more casual and hobbying instead of a serious activity. Keeping up with both your acting and homework is very difficult to sustain. You have to stay in a character every time they require your reply and you have to work your brain to make sure you finish your homework. His strategies are not wrong, but the recommendation for balancing tech time and off line time is very hard to do because if you are a student, you already spend so many time offline anyways. Well in the way I see it. I can understand where Dr. Small is going on with his ideas, but probably if he had done a super multitask online job before, maybe he may reconsider the idea of balancing offline breaks and online work.

The Social Internet
by: Timothy B. Lee

This is one article that I was pretty happy about. There is no need to disagree to such a statement that seems to be supporting our ideal youth life on the web. We spend, Age 14-18)  at least 60% of the day more just chatting off to our friends through the interweb. His statement about a certain Mrs. Campbell and her view on her husband seems to raise a good point, but Lee had brought a counter arguement to support his ideas. The use of the internet as a social program is the greatest inovation brought to the youth. It helps simplify in real life chats and as well as give us a better method of making new friends through these type of social networking.

Would you ever consider detoxing?

I understand that we being part of the generation of technology, we are on the verge to find ourselves in the predicament of internet addiction. It may not be as harmful as drugs, but in the wrong uses, it could be very lethal. But I stand on the side of not wanting to get seperated from the internet. Basically if I were to disappear off the face of the internet world, it would be like losing a life. Death is not a pretty thing.

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Updating Our Placement

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During last week, we had been given our teacher and had met with Ms. Haveruk (Grade 9 English Teacher) so that she have a basic introduction of who she will be working with for next couple of days/weeks. We, my group member Anna and Paul K and myself, were able to accomplish on meeting her and getting to know each other on  a friendly basis and had gotten ourselves organize on a day to question all of us on what we should accomplish. We have already came up with a plan beforehand so that we were ready to discuss wiith her on  the day of the interview.

For the following week, we had our interview and successfully extract and exchanged information so that she could try and look over the recommended web tools for her to learn herself and we gather proper and precise info to use for our planned out presentation. We are in the amidst  of working on presentations and activites to teach the students on how they can use technology at an academic level. We have a lots of stuff planned and will continue to work on our brainstorming as the day comes.

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My Placement Profile

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What I am good at:
Finding online resources for teachers
It is simple just to use metasearches and wikipedia to find up everything one needs to finish a certain project. But I do have some experiences on trying to abuse the metasearches to actually find more indepth information. I also do have the patience to go through pages of pages of search page just to find actual proper resources that fits a topic given. ((Only downfall is if there is a need of a Bibliography)

Teaching video creation and editing techniques using Movie Maker
I do have experience when it comes to movie making. Using Movie Maker is basically a downgrade from Sony Vegas. But before using Vegas, I have used Move Maker to make videos that were needed for school and personal project. It may take some time to readjust to using the movie Maker program.

What I am not good at:
Designing and developing websites
I have tried to make websites in the past, but it is pretty difficult to make an efficient site and keep proper check at it. When it comes to forum sites, there is no difficulty at all. Its the aspect of trying to make the site more “cooler” or “nicer” is where the problem for me is. Also I really do not have the efficiency to actually keep updating a site. Nor is it actually simple to teach one on how to make a working website.

Creativty: 9
I really like to just be out there. Creativity is one sort of skill that makes me quite unique. In terms of creativity=imagination, I can say that I have a superb imagination.

Responsibility: 6
I will not lie, I am a total procrastinator. I do have the ability to finish a task such as errands, physical work, and presentations. But when it comes to stuff that require documentation that does not piquer my interest (a.k.a. Homework). I do tend to loaf off.

Web Design: 3
Even though I took Communication Technology and was taught to use Dreamweaver to make my own unique site. It was very difficult for me to learn. I am good at making forum sites because they already have a basic design to them. I just do not have the ability to improve on it.

Developing action plans: 5
In truth, I am a total follower. I like it when someone gives me a task to preform more then to direct flow. There are times where I do not mind to take control. But I prefer to just follow.

Teaching other people: 7
It is a bit iffy. There are times where I can teach properly and people can understand me very well and then there are times were I just blab and blab and the person I talk to thinks I am speaking in a foreign language that is not of this world.

Meeting deadlines: 7
It all just comes down to dates…

As I have stated before, I am more of a follower and not a leader figure. I do have the responsibilty to take up the role as a leader, but the idea of taking control over people does frighten me. I think I am just overthinking it.

Any method is fine for me. I work well being alone and I am very easy to just communicate to if in a group.

I like to work in Media, History, and English because these are three subjects that I actually like to do and learn.

I do not like Science because just “plainly learning” science does not actually catch my interest and the course requires a lot of already “need to know” knowledge which I do not actually possess. Also I dislike Business because I find that the subject is flat out bland. All it is is advertising/making money and punching in numbers. I do not mind the advertising part, but in term of general viewpoint, its just not interesting.

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Enriching Technology Part 2

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I think it is safe to say to abandon my idea of simulators. It is not a bad idea, but in terms of actually setting up everything, I would have to agree with Steven with his comment.

But one idea I came upon that might not be a bad idea to implicate is Aaron’s idea of Brainstorming using Technology. I have told him to actually try and improve the idea of not just having to use the technology, but add in some indepth “they can learn this skill” sort of thing. I have read up some article of proof to show that they have researched using Technology+Brainstorming.



I will porbably assist Aaron on how we can improve by using these articles as references.

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Brainstorming to the Future; Enriching Technology

October 22, 2010 2 comments

Year after year, we try to come up ways to improve on technology uses in the school so that we can improve our everyday life as a student. We do not just stick a piece if metal into a class and just say “use this, it will help you a lot.” We have to come up reasons and ideas on how we can apply these ideas to further bring us into the future. Some ideas that I have in mind.

Idea: Using Simulator Programs with Gaming Mechanics

Subject Area: Business/Economics, History, Family Studies, Physical Eductaion

Letting students run “gaming applications” that have contents that are solely based on actual events or reality based to teach them how to apply certain ideas in real life or help them further understand events. For example, using war games to replicate famous battles in history or using “tycoon” games to simulate on how to start a business.

✦ Gaming mechanics makes the simulator program a lot more easier to use.
✦ Easier to improve a lot over passing times
✦ It is fun

✦ Can be easily taken advantage of (If not taking the idea towards a serious approach)
✦ Requires a runnable computer

Steps Required:

1) Make sure that the program is installed in computer
2) Teacher are required to make sure that they are serious in using these programs and not just use it for “other” purposes that is not the requested intsruction
3) The students are taught on how to use the program. If they have not been taught, then they will be teached by in-game tutorial or by the teacher.

Idea: Still brainstorming….



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Reviewing Learn 360!

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To sum up what Learn 360 is for the final time, it is not to be mistaken as a web tool but more of a useful resource site that offers videos for uses in the education industry.

Site link is here.

Videos are not the only thing that Learn 360 offers. The site also gives you audio clips, articles, newsreels, and a whole other varieties of educational resources to use.  Using Learn 360 can easily replace finding videos from Youtube or other similar video share site. Also the videos found on the sites are easilysearchable, offers already made citation to be used for bibliography, and are actual fit for provincial standards.

To Summarize
○ Learn 360 offers videos that are meant for school
○ You may find videos, articles, and other resources for almost every subject in a school environment.
○ Citations are already prepared before hand
○ 100% Gurantee to find the videos that are of your interest and fits the certain topic
○ You can use this site anywhere as long as you have internet connection.

○ Requires Membership
○ Videos are only fit for Grade 1-12

Also here is a simple explanation/tutorial on how to use Learn 360: Link

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